How to transfer morphs from g3 to g8 (that aren't dailed up but want to use in G8)

Hi all,

How can i transfer a set of morphs that are still in standard mode. So not dailed up or down.

I want to use morphs that are only available for G3 and transfer them to G8 so i can use them.

I bought the morhps from another website (package is called: (lbg-soft-body-solution-g3f-chest) so can't show anything here but in essence the way to transfer should be the same.

The morphs are located at Parameters ->Genesis 3 female-> (not under morphs but under) Pose controls

see here:

Files are correectly installed at in the my daz3d library under:

data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 3\Female\Morphs\Albiejee\Soft Body


So would love to know how i can transfer this all to G8.



  • Are you sure they are morphs, not drivers for the existing pectoral bones and perhaps other morphs? If you right-click in the Parameters pane and select Edit Mode there should be a letter in a square in front of each slider - is it M (for Morphs) or something else?

  • im sure they are morphs ;) but just double checked. Here you go:

  • Try clicking the gear icon on the slider for one of the morphs, select Parameters Settings, and edit the type to Modifier/Shape (assuming it is now Modifier/Pose) - does it then become trasnferrable? If so do that with all of them; you can then close out the scene/deleet the figure, once the transfer is done it's OK to have the morphs under their default type.

  • how do i see if it becomes transferable when i've selected Modeifer/shape? (it's indeed standard on Modifier/poser)

  • I thought you were already to transfer other morphs, it was just these that weren't working? In which case you'd try to transfer these again and see if it works now.

  • They are working on G3, in need them to work on G8... so how do i transfer them?

  • Ah, well if you haven't been transferring stuff already you may not need to chaneg abything. Have you seen this thread ?

  • Yeah i've looked at mostly everything that popped up on google search but.. with any results. Im wording how they created the stuff from soft body and how the got it to work. I've tried to do it my self with blender make the morphs and save it the proper way in blender and then using the morph loader pro tool but i get a geomitry error every time and also tried transfer utility that when the morphs are applied on g3 slecting in the utility g3 and the 1 morph of 10 in total and then selecting g8 and clone g3 but then daz locks up... i give it a little time to see if that did the trick but nope. No result. Only way there is up to now is using daz's deformation tool and thats way way way to much of a hassle for me... can be extreemly frustrating
  • If you can't get the processes discussed in that thread to work you might want to post there with your questions - just start by trying to transfer a morph that you now others have managed, so you aren't possibly compounding any basic errors with issues unique to that set.

  • Thats just it i went basis as possible just g3 only and g8 only.. no victoria no other morphs appried other then the ones i need.
  • Ill copy this thread to that other one
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    Ill copy this thread to that other one

    Are you saying that you would like this thread merged with another thread that you have made?    because we can do that for you.

  • That would be lovely yes thank you
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    Actually as you have left a link there yourself,  that should suffice.

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    Have you tried the Transfer Utility method explained in SickleYield's tutorial here?

    The part you need is "PART 2" within that tutorial. It is describing the process from G2F to G3F, but highlights the differences you need to make to do G3F to G8F.

    I don't have any morphs that show up as Pose Controls for G3F, but I do have some for G2F(Zev0's Breast Control for G2F) - I just tried transferring them from G2F to G3F using that tutorial, then on from G3F to G8F and they seem to work just fine. Try it and see if it will work for your morphs.

    ETA: If you had a problem with DAZ Studio locking up when you tried before, maybe you had too many morphs attempting to transfer (I see that product alone has over 200). SickleYield's method uses specific morphs set as Favourites, so I suggest just setting one or two of your morphs to favourites so it should not run for too long. If it works, try adding twenty or so next time, and so on till they all transferred.

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  • Holy fracking hell... surprise thats a lot of text and not only that alot of work for a 10 morphs to transfer...

    I might aswell do tedious work with the deformation tool.... think it would take just as long or wait for the maker of the morphs for G3 to bring them out for G8,

    Thanks for your explanation... i will look in to it but... also will "time"on how long it will take and then "time" on how long it will take to use deforation tool... see whats most benefitial for me.

    ! thinis for sure, grabbing somethink like waist/hip, breast or ass deffenatly improves on the realism of the pictures...especialy when the pics are already looking very realistic.


    PS. do you also know why it won't work in blender? or is it because its wont import correcly because the geomitry has been so effected that it's not possible to import it in daz as a morph?

    As i get geomitry error every time even when im does it as a trail and error run and keep it basic a standard G3 and standard G8 ending up with same geomitry error when running it through morph loader pro (as driscibered by sickleyield her self in a TUT i have...

    Thanks again

  • I'm not clear on what you are doing in Blender - you can't load the Geensis 3 mesh as a morph for Geensis 8 as they are different. If you are using belnder to deform the mesh of Genesis 8 to the Genesis 3 shape you do need to bear in mind that the base shapes are different, and you want only the chnages attributable to the morphs, but the main issue might be that your Geensis 8 mesh is not at base resolution or that it still has the eyelashes attached.

  • No no, if im doing it in blender im directly working on Genesis 8... not to convert to G3....

    The deformation i make in blender won't let me add it as a morph in Daz3d...with morph loader pro

    you say eyelashes need to be removed?

    is there anything else that i need to do? the model i curently am working ons is victoria 8 HD with a facegen morph attached to her... also breast have been morphed to a size im confertable with her having.


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    You need to set the mesh resolution to Base, you need to remove the eyelashes (and Anantomical Elements, and any other GeoGrafts loaded)*, and you need  to remove or hide anything else in the scene (all visible items are exported).

    * You could also use the Fit parameter to fit them to None and then hide them - but simply hiding them won't restore any hidden parts of the base figure, and those hidden parts will break the vertex order and count which are vital for morphs.

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  • Ahaaaaaaa .... well thats very helpfull. I will give that a try tonight. Now getting ready to go to work. Thanks
  • AlbiejeeAlbiejee Posts: 151

    Now available for G8F

  • xXQuatroXxxXQuatroXx Posts: 164

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!

  • robertswwwrobertswww Posts: 31
    Albiejee said:

    Now available for G8F

    Could you please post the direct link to that product

  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 8,831
    Albiejee said:

    Now available for G8F

    Could you please post the direct link to that product

  • robertswwwrobertswww Posts: 31
    Albiejee said:

    Now available for G8F

    Could you please post the direct link to that product

    Thanks for posting the link! yes

  • Hello, How do i transfer just one morph from gensis 8 male to genesis 8 female using transfer utility? for example my g8m has an adams apple morph that i want to transfer to my g8f, how would i go about doing that because i cant seem to figure it out through transfer utility. p.s i already know about cross figure resource kit but i dont have money to spend on that at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated.

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