Breena Dress Issue

I guess this is more of a 'bug' report. What the heck is going on here? Is there a fix for this?

Auto fit to Sparkle G3F

(Hopefully image included)

Deformation of the Hips.JPG
255 x 218 - 20K


  • Probably means there is a rigidity group stopping the morph from projecting into the skirt, you could use the Geometry Editor to check that (switch to vertex mode and look in the list of groups - both in the Tool Settings pane) and edit the group, or you could create a custom morph for the Sparkle shape.

  • It's not just the Sparkle shape that does this, but nearly any figure with smaller hips that I've tried this dress on. I didn't notice until it was too late to return, and so hadn't bothered about it. This is probably the same issue that occurs on many DAZ orignals and PC items--most dresses if you use a smaller hip size, especially the base morph to reduce hip size--has this effect. Hellenic is another one that I can recall seeing this with.

    I'd post images, but I'm traveling and don't have my DAZ computer with me.

  • If the issue is as I suggested above then it would affect and morph that changed the hip size, in either direction (though if there's a Smoothing Modifier with collision on that would disguise the effect for enlarged hips). It's done to stop the skirt getting lumpy from the projection of leg morphs, but given the lack of weighting for rigidity (it's either on or off) there is this side-effect.

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