aLilSideChallenge #03: theme - Caricaturesss

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aLilSideChallenge #03: theme -



Exaggerated People, Animals, Vegetables, Common Objects


use carrara tools like the modifiers to distort, warp, primp meshes in the wrench/spanner room.  play with scaling, weird rotations, break symmetry, break limits, etc
sharing wips appreciated


5$ DAZ GC prize  + 100 DA points
challenge deadline 20th Aug, will start a separate thread for entries & open vote


da rulez,
no post work, rendered in Carrara, plugins okay

if you want to enter an ani, hosting from the tubes okay
if you want to enter ani gif, hosting from another site okay. (i usually use stash)
enter as many as you want.



A caricature is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way


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    another Misty Challenge... cool yes

    Seeing Eye to Eye

    I hacked away at Popeye ( Genesis ) with scaling arms, head & neck, moving bits and texturing. EyeGore is as bought from the Daz store by Mec4D

    800 x 600 - 583K
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    your Igor could be a caricature of Marty Feldman


  • MystarraMystarra Posts: 29,669

    the dude from young frankenstein ?  fronk n stinelaugh

  • VyusurVyusur Posts: 1,449

    Never seen it before. My hubby's name is Igor.

  • DUDUDUDU Posts: 1,898

    If you're losing it, you know where to seek!

  • MystarraMystarra Posts: 29,669

    was dog 8 face rigged?  should make intereting faces.

    carnival mirror


    made this using carrara wave modifier smiley


    cant remember now which modifier i used on this  dih. senior moment

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    a caricature of a caricature inside a caricature?

    3 fingered smiley

  • SelinitaSelinita Posts: 825

    ..a Poser horse looking at himself reflected in a sphere asks a common question...

    Why the long face?


  • MystarraMystarra Posts: 29,669

    tee hee laugh

  • Bunyip02_CarraraBunyip02_Carrara Posts: 2,402
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    Stallone toon 1 1600.png
    1600 x 1927 - 5M
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  • pretty slick sly there @Bunyip02 yes

    Used Genesis for this one.. with a touch of Aiko5 in there and also enlarged the head, gapped her teeth and shortened her legs.. devil

    I did do some post work though to give it an older style look... kinda..


  • Stezza said:

    pretty slick sly there @Bunyip02 yes

    Used Genesis for this one.. with a touch of Aiko5 in there and also enlarged the head, gapped her teeth and shortened her legs.. devil

    I did do some post work though to give it an older style look... kinda..


    Thanks Stezza, was thinking of making it more extreme but I liked that one the most.

    Amelia-Aiko 5 looking great, the plane definately adds to the scene !!!!

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  • MystarraMystarra Posts: 29,669

    few suggestions heart

    3 stooges
    bugs bunny and friends
    cone heads, pinocchio noses
    dastardly and muttly
    unflateable cubes
    girl 4
    clothes crumpled

  • DesertDudeDesertDude Posts: 554
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    Great Lil Side Challenge Misty! Just in time, explanation below. But first:

    Love the fun house mirror reference...reminds me of our local County Fair when I was a kid
    Explode Modifier on the house, maybe?

    @Stezza - love the camera angle and what you did to Popeye. Also the Amelia - bigger head, gapped teeth, shortend legs - nice caricature work.

    @Selina - love the goofy face from the reflection...and the introspective question.... :)

    @Bunyip02 - Great caricature work - could be a magazine cover. Love the swirling background and atmospheric perspective of the terrain. Nice.

    Strangely, I have been working on a camel model the past few weeks that I wanted to 'cartoonize' and make a caricature. It's now on it's fourth iteration. There is a bit of a back story, but this is 'Clover The Camel' and he was supposed to be a simple model as a joke, but then turned more involved. Lol.

    The first attempt was okay, but his head...I don't know, looked like a duckbill platypus or something. Second attempt was just a nose, not pictured. Third attempt got too high poly too quickly and was a disaster. Fourth iteration modeled today and I'm pretty happy with it as a start. My intent was to create a camel based on reference and then do exactly as this nice lil challenge asks and distort the various features to make him the 'Clover The Camel' I envisioned.

    Screen grabs are from newest to oldest.

    Important to note: I have no experience with caricature, so beware... :)


    Edited for typos and more clarity.



    1387 x 1105 - 80K
    1384 x 1089 - 145K
    1387 x 1056 - 87K
    1382 x 1013 - 134K
    1486 x 930 - 113K
    1497 x 928 - 154K
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  • DesertDudeDesertDude Posts: 554
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    A bit more progress for new Clover




    640 x 480 - 12K
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  • DUDUDUDU Posts: 1,898

    Really nice work Desert Dude!

    Only one thing, if you want to build a camel, your modelling work is unfinished...laugh

    318 x 159 - 12K
  • Wendy_CarraraWendy_Carrara Posts: 19,510

    mmm no exaggerated vegetables yet


  • Not an entry, some of the Alien critter head morphs I have tinkered with over the years.

  • MystarraMystarra Posts: 29,669

    cute camlsmiley


    a camel with bad boy attitude angel


  • DesertDudeDesertDude Posts: 554

    Thanks @DUDU! Yes, he is not finished yet - needs some toes, a tail, nostrils, eyeballs...some hair. smiley I plan to do some more work today.

    @Bunyip02 - Those are really cool, what a great gallery of variations! Thanks for sharing.

    @Mistara - Thank you. I remember Joe Camel - many of my friends used to smoke Camels. Is he still around? Oh wait, never mind, just looked him up...

  • DUDUDUDU Posts: 1,898

    OK, I know now why the majority of people confuse a dromedary with a camel: it is because of the cigarettes!

  • DesertDudeDesertDude Posts: 554

    Oh -Doh! I think I get it now.  blush

    But 'Clover The Dromedary' doesn't have the same 'ring' to it. smiley

  • SelinitaSelinita Posts: 825

    But 'Clover The Dromedary' doesn't have the same 'ring' to it. smiley

    Sad Miss Clover, the One-Humped Camel;
       Was, indeed, an unhappy mammal.
          She'd lament her loss and make others cross,
             Their feelings lacking, they sent her packing...
                Now she lives on the English Channel,
                   In a boat of gold and wood panel.

    Selina, August 2018

  • Wendy_CarraraWendy_Carrara Posts: 19,510

    iClone video, not an entry, but fits the discussion

  • DesertDudeDesertDude Posts: 554

    Very clever @Selina.  smiley

    @th3Digit - pretty cool Wendy, thanks for sharing. I'm digging that blue headdress thing!

  • SelinitaSelinita Posts: 825

    Wendy that looks like an extremely painful ride with all that jiggling going on - you won't catch me on the mechanical camel anytime soon surprise

  • Diomede_CarraraDiomede_Carrara Posts: 8,774
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    angry claymation guy

    morph of my custom claymation figure

    sort of a son of Heat Miser - I am Mr. Green Christmas, I am Mr. Sun.  I am Mr. Heat Blister, I am Mr. Hundred and One.  Whatever I touch, starts to melt in my clutch, I'm too much.

    not enough geometry around the end of the nose and sides of mouth to get the lines I want.  will have to revise and resubmit.



    wip caircature 3.JPG
    1592 x 871 - 146K
    wip caricature 4.JPG
    1470 x 785 - 150K
    wip caricature 5.jpg
    1600 x 1600 - 246K
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  • DesertDudeDesertDude Posts: 554

    @Diomede - Ha! That's awesome. I love the hair. Heat Miser, wow, that brings back some memories. That used to be my favorite Christmas special as a kid. It was so creative. Some of the others were as well, but that one was especially cool.

  • Stezza_Carrara9Stezza_Carrara9 Posts: 4,316
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    @diomede a cool Heat Miser... had to google him as I've never heard of it before...

    @Selina keep them rhymes coming... yes

    Here's one I did this morning.. modeled the jet no postwork apart from my sig.. Used DCG'sToonPro

    Space Force

    RogerRamjet SpaceForce.png
    800 x 600 - 197K
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