Is there a way to do this in Poser like in DAZ?

I want to make clothes and be able to connect it to Poser characters like this just as easy as this.  I want something that if I morph the character will stay close to the character shape.  I wanted to use DAZ 3d but the pipeline I'm trying to creating has just turned into a fight of weird thing after weird thing happening.

Can you please help?


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    If you are using Poser Pro,  select the clothing item and conform to the figure.  Then under Figure>Copy Morphs From, select the morphs wish to transfer to the clothing.

    If you don't have Poser Pro, there is a utility at Renderosity called "Morphing Clothes" that does the same thing...

  • Also be sure that in the properties, Include morphs, and Include scales are both selected.

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     if you only have just poser11 and not pro. you can fit v4 & other types clothing, hair , shoes,  and other wearables to most poser characters. l  did it with alyson for you for a sample

    Step 1: Load character. and then load clothing item. 

    step 2: manual adjust clothing as best you can first to poser character.

    Step 3:click body of the clothing item.

    Step 4: Next up on top of poser,  go to figure, then scroll down to conform to..  and click it.  a pop up box will come up.  In the box choose which poser character your trying conform your item to .., then click okay, then the clothing should autofit pretty close to the character, like daz autofit does, so you should only need minor if any extra adjustment. results vary on the type of clothing and hair shoes your using

    Good luck

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