current best practices for buttons?

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When creating custom conforming clothing for G8F and G8M, what is the current best practices for buttons?  Here is an old post by the great and generous SickleYield.  Are these still the best options?  Other suggestions?

SickleYield said:

With buttons and FBM distortion there are basically three things you can try.

1.  Rigidity mapping.  This bears repeating because people keep using the wrong definition on the forums here: rigidity controls how much the mesh is affected by a generated FBM (it is overriden by customs).

2.  Custom FBMs for each morph that distorts the buttons.  Nobody wants to do this because late in a figure's cycle this can be dozens of morphs.

3.  Remove the buttons from the base mesh (you would have to rerig, and I'm sorry about that) and set them up as rigid follow nodes.  To do this you select the polys on the vest where the button will go, go to Polygon Group Editor, right-click in the main window, and find it from the Assign options ("Create Rigid Follow Node").  It will create a node in the Scene Tab, which you can drag onto the appropriate bone (one of the chests or abdomens, presumably) and then import your button and drag it onto the node.  You have to save out the button geometry as a prop and then delete the library entry but leave the data files for this to work in a product, but you can use the same geometry for all the buttons and just translate it, saving polys.


A rigid follow node will translate away from the mesh with morphs.


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    For me the best thing is a rigid follow node. You create the node, select the poly's that it will "glue" to, and then parent your botton to it.  Then it follows the mesh but doesn't distort with morphs or bends.  

    Here's a tutorial:

    And here's another:

    The first is short and basic. The second one is longer but is specifically about adding a belt buckle and saving the clothing so the buckle is part of it when you load the clothing next.  So that's a really good one for buttons.

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    Heres an example I did for myself some time ago. The buttons and pins are all held on with rigid follow nodes. They do not distort even when extreme motions or morphs are applied.

    1229 x 950 - 573K
    1229 x 950 - 584K
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    Thank you,@Grinch2901!!!!!!!

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    I don't know how to do rigid follow nodes myself but the best ones I've seen for buttons also had movement morphs so that you could adjust them afterward in case they came away from or sank into the garment.


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    All the JCM & MCMs make me never want to learn more than rudimentary modeling or at least never model any clothing intended for use in DAZ. I hope that dForce becomes so advanced that JCMs and MCMs for clothing with no be needed and that becomes state of the art.

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