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Am I the only one to notice that Auckland, New Zealand is one of the cities featured in CityScapes Backdrops Volume 2 by ImagineX? I've just put it to good use:

Sailor girl SIG.jpg
800 x 1200 - 177K
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    I honestly did not, but I'm not super familiar with that particular skyline.  Now I am curious as to what the other cities are.  And cute render!

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    In that particular set, I recognise:

    #1: Unknown, but definitely a coastal area with lots of apartments, possibly Sydney Harbour
    #2: Lower Manhattan from west
    #3: Auckland
    #4: Boston
    #5: Lower Manhattan from east at dusk
    #6: Lower Manhattan from south
    #7: Shanghai
    #8: Sydney (no Opera House though)

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    In the original set, I can recognise:

    San Francisco
    another Manhattan one
    another Shanghai one
    possibly Rio
    and some unknown night-time ones

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    Thanks!  I had no idea lol! 

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