Installing DSON from DAZ install manager

Hi, i just downloaded DSON importer with the install manager but it isn't installing. It's saying something about install directory for poser 2014/2012. I'm using poser 11 and i'm new to both daz and poser. Please help.


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    Lie - click the gear icon in DIM to open Prefrences, go to the Application tab, and click +. Now, in the dialogue asking for details set it to Poser Pro 2014, then click the ... button to set the location of your Poser 11. That should then let you install the importer.

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  • Does it have to be the location of the Poser 11 executable file or the Poser 11 Content?

  • The executable for this - you are telling it where the application is, there are files that have to go in its folders.

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