A Couple Of Questions About Superfly

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Hi, I'm reusing this thread so I don't have to make another one.

What's the difference between GPU quality and Regular quality?

If I use the GPU high quality, is there a chance I can burn out my graphics card? (I think that's what the GPU is , right? Graphics Processing Unit?)

Why is it that when I run High Quality Sub Surface, for some reason the background doesn't show up?

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    I guess the best place to ask is (t)here: https://forum.smithmicro.com/category/9/poser

  • I don't think you'll be at any risk of burning out your graphics card simply by using it to do your rendering, provided you're not seriously overclocking it anyway.
    The difference in quality between GPU and CPU renders aren't normally noticeable from my experience since the main benefit of GPU renders is a speed boost. But I did notice some materials did render differently, but then that may have been more due to the video card I had in that machine.

    That is odd that the background isn't rendering, and that's only happening when using the non-GPU render presets?

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