Polygons connecting to wrong vertices [Solved I think]

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I have a model that loads into Hex just fine. I've even done some editing on it already just fine. But sometimes when I make an edit, a lot of the polys in the model have a corner that is suddenly connected to the wrong vertices elsewhere on the model. (Polys and vertices completely unrelated to the polys I'm editing.)

How can I fix this? I've tried loading it in blender and resaving but that doesn't help.



I also just tried to do an average weld over the model before editing and that didn't work either


*edit 2*

I think I figured out why it's doing that. The model has some Ngons hidden in there. When I triangulated them, it was fine. Then when I did Boolean cuts, it created more Ngons so I need to remember to Triangulate after each edit to make sure it's all good :)

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