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Fatigued again, but still creeping about like Lurch from the Addam's Family.

Cryll is as finished as I could make him, considering he is my first character model and I made a bunch of beginners errors and had to fix as many as of those as I could before I said enough. He has a skeleton, and I made some quick cheesy animations of him moving about. I weight painted him too, which is something I had never done before.

I have never made an animation before so I learned a lot from making Cryll, basic character construction, skeletonizing the character, weight painting, basic texturing, and animation using both Hexagon and Carrara.

I finished boning a Saguro Cactus (no chuckling now you perverts) and tried animating it along with a rolling tumbleweed. Selina's tumbleweeds are very good, but their polygon count is so high that they are impossible to work with, so I scaled down their polygon count while trying to keep their general appearance too. I succeeded and made some workable lower polygon tumbleweeds.




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    My "cheesy" brief animated tests of Cryll, rolling tumbleweeds, and a dancing Cactus. have now been made into my first completed (rushed) "Cheesy Productions" animation starring Cryll, The Saguro Cactus, and a Tor the Tumbleweed.

    I just got a call from Disney Studios.... Ha, Ha, Hah ...

  • FlashGarcia - Any WIP images ?

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    Wee Dangerous John ,

    I'll post some here soon. Thanks for asking.

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    Wee Dangerous John ,

    Busy with learning Blender and then found out today about bforartists which is a sane version of Blender. So "Cheesy Studios" is closed down for a while, and Cryll took a vacation. while I try to make some creative sense out of bforartists/Blender.

    640 x 480 - 72K
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