Is this a believable Storm?

Hi all. So I'm still new to Daz and Rendering, but it took me forever to create this only using Daz (I have no Photoshop or experience with it). Simple question though as the titel says; if I didn't mention this, would you think this is Storm from X-Men?

Storm Flying.png
1200 x 900 - 1M


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    No, not the one I remember from comic books in the 70s or the Halle Berry movie one either, but I'd still know it was Storm from the X-Men.

    For the eyes what I'd do is make just the pupil emmisive, set the emissive color to faint blue, the temperature to 10,000K and the strength of the light to 5000 kcd/m2. Now that is an extremely strong light source from her eyes and will show in the area surrounding Storm.

    Alternatively, I'd just make all the surfaces on the eye emissive, but keep the textures & maps, make the temperature still 10,000K, the emmisive color faint blue, but the strength of the light only 25 or 50 watts (not sure what that is in cd/m2 or kcd/m2 though.

    It looks good though, the render, except I'd try changing the eyes as suggested and try arranging the hair and cape to blow back and to off to one side a bit.

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  • gsil247gsil247 Posts: 50

    Thank you

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 19,950

    @gsil247   Nice work! I like the background and the energized feeling of the render. Kudos! :) 

  • vrba79vrba79 Posts: 293

    Yeah. I'd still reckognize her as Storm.

  • NoswenNoswen Posts: 310

    I don't particularly know X-Men, but would probably recognise this as Storm.

  • AJ2112AJ2112 Posts: 1,234

    Other then the eyes, looks good to me, I'd recognize as Storm to yes  

  • gsil247gsil247 Posts: 50

    Thank you all. Not bad from someone who a month ago didn’t even know what rendor meant. 

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