Carrara Challenge 41: Super, Legendary, Epic Render Challenge

@Evilproducer is hosting the July 2018 Carrara challenge.  This month's theme calls for something super, legendary, or epic.  All are welcome.  This month's challenge is to use Carrara's dynamic strand-based hair, although you can use metaballs if you don't want to use the hair function.  Fitting with the hair function, Daz PA Naomi is offering an item from her store in addition to the Daz prizes.  Naomi has created some amazing dynamic hair products which can be animated and subjected to wind and gravity forces using Carrara's bult in dynamic hair system.  There is a free plugin to convert Carrara dynamic hair to obj strands if you want to port them to Studio.  (sorry, I think the conversion plugin may be Windows only).  Here is Naomi's store.


Find more details about this challenge here.


The following basic information is excerpted from the main page.

Carrara Challenge 41: The Super, Legendary, Epic, Render Challenge!

Summer is here (at least in the northern hemisphere)! It is now summer blockbuster movie season. Along with the blockbusters comes the hyperbole and many breathless adjectives and adverbs!

Your goal is to create an image, or images depicting any of the three adjectives used in the challenge title: Super, legendary, or epic. Super could be as literal as a super hero, or a depiction of someone, something, or a profession that is super to you. Legendary could be a legendary or mythic figure, place or event; even if the figure, place or event is real, it is possible to take on a legendary status, such as the invasion of Normandy or the first man on the moon. Epic could mean a scene or event epic in scale, or zoomed in on a moment in an epic event or scene, thus establishing a more intimate connection to the world surrounding the epic scene or event. An epic event or scene could be grounded in reality (present or past), be sci-fi or fantasy based, or something else entirely. Don’t limit yourself to my suggestions. Let your imagination have free reign.


Extra special thanks to DAZ 3D and Naomi for sponsoring this challenge!

DAZ 3D is once again offering:

1st place: $75.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s).

2nd place: $50.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s).

3rd place: $40.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s).

4th place: $30.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)

Honorable Mention: An item from Naomi, our generous PA sponsor’s store. 


Entry Deadline

Submissions close and thread is changed to voting thread on Sunday, July 29, 2018, at around 8:00 PM U.S. Mountain Time.

Voting ends Sunday, August 5, 2018, at around 8:00 PM U.S. Mountain Time.



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    Actually there is a choice of required items. All you need to do is choose which one you want to use. It can be using Carrara's dynamic hair in an unusual way, or to use a metaball object in your scene. The choice of which to use is up to the artist.

    This picture uses Carrara's dynamic hair growing on some metaballs to look like a thick clump of moss.

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    Things are beginning to move in the WIP thread! Here's a legendary little something I threw together for inspiration:

  • Homage to Men In Black.    "Due to budget cutbacks the MIB program has been abandoned, replaced with the cheapest contractors available."

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    Hmmm... Im subscribed to this thread but never was notified of new posts. :(

    Anywhoo, there has been some really nice work in the WIP thread.

    This one from Vyusur is really cool:

    There is also this super render from Diomede:

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    Here's a go. Nice job evil :)







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    Hi all!

    Voting is now open here!

    Please check out the great entries from some very talented people from all over the world. It is so interesting to see their perspectives on Super, Legendary and Epic.

    For even more insight, check out their journeys in the WIP Thread!

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