Double Tails Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)

Thank you outoftouch for the great Double Tails hair. This offers a lot of flexibility with the three different "tails" styles. The textures are also very realistic, and its for both G3 and G8. Very useful.

I like the fact that the tails have bones (though more would have been better cheeky); this makes posing the tails easier and more precise.

One thing I'd like to request; could you please make a Fringe addon, to replace the side and front bangs with a fringe, as in the attached picture. This would make the hair even more versitile, and I (and probably a lot of others) would be happy to pay extra for such an addon. The fringe addon could also have different styles, such as square cut, curved cut, morphable splits. Looking at the attached picture, another thought occurs to me, perhaps you could also make another addon to provide different types of hair band, such as bows, bobbles etc. (I'm happy to provide suggestions and examples if you wish)


1000 x 1500 - 595K


  • MasterstrokeMasterstroke Posts: 626

    still downloading. Has anybody tried to run a dforce simulation yet?

  • nicsttnicstt Posts: 7,839

    OOT hair takes a while with dforce I've noticed. You'll also need to paint a weightmap, but some work well, and others not so much.

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