KEY-FLAME: Bryce Animation Tutorials

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Hey there,

When DAZ allows images in signature files again, you'll get a link to a small collection of tutorial vids I've made about Bryce animation called KEY-FLAME... Possibly the lousiest pun on 'keyframe' I could think of that had fire associated with it.

Admittedly, these tutes are of an intermediate level, and tend to address common problems rather than attempt to take the user through a learning process. But if you have a concern about animation in Bryce, drop a note and perhaps I can make something for it.

(The link works, even if the image doesn't :) )

650 x 100 - 115K


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    You will need a smaller image for a signature, however, even when that's available - 60 pixels high by 468 pixels wide is our standard limit.

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    Yeah - It figures that the site will tell you one thing (480 x 80 pixels) and the admins will tell you another.

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