An overview of Daz skinning/rigging?


I want to export rigging information for Genesis, and wondered if there was some documentation or examples that explain how Daz skinning is implemented. Something like the 'DAZ Studio Geometry Pipeline' section in the 'Architecture Overview' of the SDK documents. Does anything like this exist?

I believe DzSkinBinding is the object I am looking for, and that acts as a modififer (like a morph?), and that contains DzBoneBinding objects which contain the actual weights mapped to vertices, is this right?

Where can I find the DzSkinBinding instance? (i.e. the figure? skeleton? or does one exist for each node?)



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    Highly inexpert reply: joints have always been modifiers in DS, so yes that is right. The figure owns the geometry owns the shape, and the modifiers (morphs, joints, DForms, smoothing, push) alter the shape. The geoemtry now belongs to the figure, the root node, which is a change for triAx figures (which are single-skin).

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    Thanks Richard!

    I also saw this in the documentation for DzSkinBinding (a subclass of DzModifier):

    "This class provides access to and manages weight-maps associated with mesh binding. This class is not intended to be constructed directly, rather, it is created automatically by DzFigure. Create an instance of DzFigure, populate it with a DzFacetMesh-derived geometry, and request its skin-binding to access this class."

    Which I will explore when I get back onto the skinning functionality.

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