NVIDIA Kernal Mode Driver Error

Often when I use Daz my screen will go black at some point, my computer will freeze and I'll get a message telling me that the Display driver stopped responding & has recovered, meaning I need to restart Daz and lose any unsaved work.
My PC is a very lightweight setup so I wasn't surprised it'd have problems dealing with a program like Daz; however, when I looked up the problem online it seems that many powerful gamingstations and workstations also appear to have this problem with NVIDIA GPUs. And more to the point, there never seems to be any proper solution. Some say use older drivers, some say it's the hardware, some say it's turning off 3D settings etc. but tips are always followed by other people saying they haven't worked for them.

I'll be looking to upgrade to a proper workstation soon with the intension of getting a more powerful NVIDIA card primarily because Daz uses IRAY, but I really don't want to spend a lot on an expensive NVIDIA GPU and then find I still get this problem.

As I assume most people here would be using NVIDIA GPUs to capitalize on Daz's IRAY renderring, my question is - is this really a common problem with NVIDIA cards? Is there a good chance I may just suffer this problem again regardless of what my next setup will be or does anyone know a way around this to make sure I won't get this seemingly random and hugely irritating error.

The full message reads: "Display driver stopped responding & has recovered. Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernal Mode Driver version 397.64 stopped responding & has successfully recovered."



  • KevinHKevinH Posts: 886

    I use to have that happen on my old computer from time to time. Mostly I saw it when browsing the internet.But nothing quit working (i.e., I didn't have to kill Daz Studio.)

    When I got my new computer, it came with the GeForce Experience installed. I have never seen that issue on this computer. I eventally installed the Geforce Experience on the old computer and haven't seen that issue there either. I don't know if the GeForce Experience made any difference, but at least I know the drivers I'm using came from Nvidia and not ones that came from Microsoft. I don't know if that makes any difference either. I suspect that Microsoft probably gets their driver from Nvidia, but they are probably not the most current.

  • dakwolf60dakwolf60 Posts: 12

    KevinH thanks for posting this, it help me with my problem

  • SigurdSigurd Posts: 468

    My computer is about a year old and I have not had this problem until the last couple of days. I also have GeForce experience. I might leave my computer for a few hours and I return and the screen has a green tint, it is locked up and the scale is larger than usual. I have to control alt delete and it tells me kernel error and that Daz crashed. Like I said this has not been a problem in the past but it has happened three times in the last couple of days. I have the latest drivers.


    I have a Quadro M4000

    Any advice is appreciated.

  • kaotkblisskaotkbliss Posts: 2,689

    I have had this happen a couple times in the past. What it was for me was durring a render the video card would get too hot so the software would shut it off to keep it from overheating and frying out.

    A good cleaning of the dust and better airflow stopped that problem.

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