Problems importing Hexagon Morphs Via Morphloader Pro

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So I've had this happen a few times to me now. I make send a garment to hexagon via the DS4.6 Send to hexagon feature. I morph in hexagon, careful not to add/remove geometry. I then export it as an obj, so I can import via morph loader pro. I want to go via morph loader pro so I can click the REVERSE DEFORMATIONS option. However when I try to load it I get an error that it could not load the file. I'll try to get the exact error when my PC is back up (thunder storm ATM).

However when I try my backup plan, which is sending from Hexagon to DS it works fine! So this confirms that i didn't alter the geometry improperly. Problem with using the send from hexagon to DS is I can't figure out how to have it reverse deformations, and have to manually go in and zero all the hidden shaping morphs to make things look correct.

Any tips or ideas?

BTW This doesn't happen all the time, most of the time I can export as an OBJ and import that via Morph loader with no issues. But occasionally it just doesn't work.


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    OK Still thunderstorm for few more hours but not as bad now. Here is the actual message.

    Loading morph TEst...
    Error: Could not load geometry from file.

    So I opened the OBJ in hexagon and all was OK....So I exported it again and tried to import that Via morph loader pro. NO error this time, but I never see the morph in the list. This is also a problem I have had before.

    Any ideas?

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    Hey larsmidnatt,

    I know you are a seasoned user, but how up are you on your morphing to transferring between Hex/DS?

    The reason I ask is because I do it all the time, and I have not run into your issue.

    Are you using the bridge exclusively, or are you just sending it over one way (DS first), and then "importing" the mesh with MLP?

    If you use the bridge on the return trip you shouldn't be encountering such an issue, but since I can't verify your work I have no basis to establish where the actual error would lie.

    I'm assuming you know what to do in regards with using "reverse deformations" parameters as opposed to not needing them, and all the parameter settings you need to set for the morph to register correctly. If not, l can help you out with this if you like.

    Please give a little more detail about your workflow, and we can see if we can resolve where the issue lies.

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    The problem is probably one of your export settings in Hex. I don't use manual export normally so i'm not sure how the settings should be, but i think 'Merge Groups' and 'Merge equal points" should be unchecked.

    But there's an easier way : in [strike]Daz[/strike] Studio preferences, set the Hex bridge to show advanced options. Then you'll get all the MLP options you need when using the bridge.

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    @ DaremoK3, Yeah when using the bridge I don't have issues. But I think Blackfeathers post may make it where I don't need to use the obj import for MorphLoaderPro. (I refuse to abreviate it...because of ponypopularity!)

    @BlackFeather1973 OMG That's going to be helpful! I figured there had to be something like that but thought the settings were in hexagon for some dumb reason. I never found them obviously. This is the best path to go, I'm not at home ATM, but I bet this will fix my issue.

    Thanks both!

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    Ok so being able to set the options for reverse deformations with the bridge saved the day. I can confirm all is good now. I don't know what the issue is with the OBJ cause sometimes it works, but honestly i prefer the bridge it saves time and then I don't have to clean up the loose obj's later.

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