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I'm looking for a tutorial on how to UV map hair correctly after its modelled. I kind of understand how to model it, and I do understand transparency maps, but I'm a bit stymied on how to properly layout my UVs. I'm trying to dissect some of the hair models I currently have to learn from them, but I can't seem to replicate the process.

From what I understand so far:

1) Create a base or skullcap.
2) Create strips of polygons representing hair.
3) UV mapping process (?)
4) Overlay a hair texture onto your UV maps.
5) Combine a transparency map.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    Okay, I figured out the UVs. Once you create the hair strips, you unwrap to active quads in Blender and then overlay your hair texture.


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    Just in case, here's a hair tutorial by Valea. She seems to set the UV of the strip before she models the strip, so it's straight and easier to texture.

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    Thank you, Vaskania. I actually ran into some problems using my method and appreciate the link.

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