Belly Control Genesis2 and Bundle - Now Available (commercial)

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Product is now live. Those who have bought Belly Control for Genesis1 will get an additional discount on the Genesis2 version. Here are some Promos:)

1300 x 693 - 377K
1300 x 693 - 454K
1300 x 693 - 229K
1300 x 693 - 496K
1000 x 1300 - 599K
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  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 5,590
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    Bundle Promo

    1000 x 1300 - 747K
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  • SpyroRueSpyroRue Posts: 5,020
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    Great stuff, these series of morphs will really broaden character originality. And it all has a nice realistic organic feel to it. Great stuff man.

    Also awesome that you included movement! : )

  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 5,590
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    Thanks. The Genesis1 version has movement as well:)

  • JabbaJabba Posts: 1,212
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    Love the belly smoothers, not everybody is a gym junkie, LOL

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