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I've been away from DAZ for a couple of years. When I left, I was using V4.2 and the Elite stuff had been out for awhile. Now, there is Genesis2 and V6. I missed Genesis and V5.... are Genesis and V5 basically the same? Like Genesis2 and V6? Most of my content is for V4. Can it be used on the later girls? What do I need to make it work? A quick genealogy might be helpful. :)



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    V5 is a morph of Genesis, and V6 is a morph of Genesis 2. Kind of like how A4 is a morph of V4.

    In terms of compatibility...I made this reference which might come in handy: Using Older Content with Genesis and Genesis 2

    Edited to add: and if you click that link and scroll to the top of the thread, you'll find a history of DAZ figures...might be kind of what you're looking for in a genealogy.

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    Scott I know it was not my question but wow ... thank you! Been trying to figure out where they all fit and what can be used. Thanks for going to the trouble to make those lists.

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    By the way, if I have the Gen 3 & 4 Iconic Shapes do I need the Generation X product?

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    Generation X (GenX) is for transferring older morphs onto Genesis figures. If you have morphs intended for figures like Victoria 4 or The Kids 4 then you can use GenX to convert them to Genesis. The conversion isn't 100%, but it does a very reasonable job given that Genesis has a lower poly count than some of the older generations.

    Currently GenX does not support Genesis 2, though a new version may be forthcoming to address this.

    The Iconic shapes are just that -- classic shapes that you can transform Genesis into. This will only affect the shape, so you can place any material whether for generation 4 or 5 onto your figure. You do however require the Iconic shapes if you want to get the right look for older generation figures using GenX. Transferring a V4 morph, for example, will require the V4 shape to look as it should, but you can still get interesting and unique results by using it with other morphs such as Basic Female or Victoria 5.

    And to answer your original question, yes Victoria 5 and Genesis are the same figure. V5 being a morph for the Genesis figure, just as M5 is also a morph for the same Genesis figure. Genesis was designed as a unisex morphing figure and as such can become male or female, child or adult and everywhere inbetween. As such, there are a few minor anatomical issues here and there but nothing that should be too noticeable in casual use.

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