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Been trying to build a retro televion (60s, 70s). Television is easy to make (Frame, body, dials, and some other), but one problem which is the screen. They are curved, that even the frame holding the screen is curved, that even the screen is like fisheyed. I tried chamfer, and wow, what a mess. I have never encountered such problems building a mesh.


  • Do you mean something like the attached image ?

    If so, it should be fairly easy. 


    TV Set.jpg
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    A bit rough and ready but here is one way to achieve the basic shape.

    1. Take a face from a cube (select face and invert it (I Key), then delete)).

    2. Add tessellations.

    3. With Soft Selection dialed right up, drag the four Centre faces out.

    4. With Symmetry on drag the corners inwards.

    5. Add a level of smoothing.

    6. Select the outer edge and straighten them with Manipulator's cube.

    7. With Symmetry on, smooth the edge one in from the outer edge - Gently does it.

    You should be able to use the outer edge to make the rubber seal, just copy&paste it and add thickness.

    tv screen.jpg
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    1. Create a cube with 3x3 faces on each side.

    2. Delete everything but the front.

    3. Scale it on the horizontal axis until you got an approximate 3:2 ratio.

    4. Select the centre face and drag it out a bit.

    5. Select the corner vertices of the whole object (and only the corners) and scale them inwards by a small amount.

    6. Add a level of smoothing.

    7. Repeat step 4. and 5. or reverse them as needed to adjust the shape


    8. Select the centre face and scale it to adjust the curvature of the screen.


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  • Robo2010Robo2010 Posts: 55

    Thanks everyone. Yes, a TV like in Image. I never encounter problems in 3D making. This is my first. Just that problem with more polygons with the screen, and other parts of mesh, very little.

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    Here's a TV I did back in the day. Some quick screen-caps. Here's a video with the TV frame in use.

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  • Robo2010Robo2010 Posts: 55

    Realizing you have to start with screen first, then work your way out. Nice pics of the screens.

  • Nice one Shawn, I really like your method :)

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