(beginner issue) How to rotate texture [or UV coordinates] 90 degrees?

Having trouble with this simple concept - can't figure out what governs the orientation of the texture on a simple polyline model.

I swept a wavy line to get a "35mm film strip" like shape. Now what? The texture keeps being oriented north and south (up across the width) as opposed to west to east which is the way I want it to go.

I would also like to make the each of the sprocket holes into a Boolean cut-out if that is possible. Obviously a topic for another day though!

Btw earlier I posted a question about a similar object not rendering at all, in DS... great to report that issue appears to have been a one-off, and has not re-occurred.

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  • ShawnDriscollShawnDriscoll Posts: 348

    What does your UV map look like for the film strip object?

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    Oh-oh... yeah within the last half-hour or so I was thinking that I may have messed up the UV maps, for each attempt. They were a longish rectangle with graph paper. Just one (or perhaps two) rectangular box, and graph paper.

    I started to pay a lot more attention to the most recent UV maps; they looked more like this one at 2,048 pixels wide. At least the warping profile is starting to be included... at this size though the rectangles are indeed black. And I'm not sure what the two horizontal lines are for? (indicated with a red arrow)

    At any rate, the result in DS 4.8 is still weird.

    Maybe I should go back and start again and not smooth so much, for a smaller object with fewer polys?

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    I did a quick thing in Hexagon. And this is what I have so far when importing into Carrara. I don't have DS. The UV map is on the right.

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    I think I was compounding errors. I did it again and my most-recent UV map was more like yours and not all black, but still pretty fine graph paper.

    I was able to get it to more-or-less look good -- like yours -- in DS. Thanks! laugh

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    Tiling the image in an x or y direction (z?) would get a similar look. But you'd have to bake the texture onto the model if you needed to render it in another app. And that would mean UV mapping the thing anyway. More fancier apps can bake textures onto models without needing UV maps. Maybe DS is one of them now?

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    I haven't installed the latest version(s)... but I sure am happy to be able to finally do some of this stuff (wavy objects... like a ribbon or a tape measure or movie film) and the surface is more or less playing ball, more or less the way I imagined it to be.

    Obviously I still need to adjust the texture file a bit... but still, progress.

    I just did some crude, low-res cutting out of the "sprocket holes". Not boolean. In an image editor with the Magic Wand tool.

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    Very cool.

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