How to Change Head/Cranium depth for G8F?

Hi there, in previous Gen models, I was able to change the head/cranium depth. In G8F, I can't seem to find any morphs for this. The closest thing is individual dials for jaw/chin/cheek and forehead (head morph resource kit), but they don't work very well collectively to reduce the long jaw/neck proportions with some models. I tried reducing the z scale on the head node, but the eyes, nose, and mouth don't scale with the rest of the face/head (this worked with previous Gen models). Any suggestions? Thanks!


  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 10,107

    You need the DAZ Originals 'Head Morphs' package for G8F and it has a morph called Cranium Slope but what you are trying to do won't be affected by just a single morph that controls cranium slope.

    There are morphs in the DAZ Originals head morphs /G8M/G8F) that control lots of things regarding cheek bones, jaw, chin, brow, face angle/slope and you'll need to use the in combination and depending on how large a change you want turn off limits for some of those morphs.

    RareStone has a masterful set of head morphs for G8F/G8M that yyou might consider instead or in combination.

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