dForce newb: I set up my pose the way I want it, but when I hit 'simulate' everything snaps back

Hi.  So I just started with Daz, and am trying to understand dForce.  I started with the included Demo scene where cloth drapes over a figure on a plinth.  I simulated it, and everything worked, but then I tried to change the pose of the figure on the plinth.  When I tried again, the figure snaps back to its initial pose.  I thought maybe there's a keyframe or something I'm not understanding.

I bought the IDG dForce Dynamics Scarves & Shawls, and I set up my scene, and the same thing happens- when I hit Simulate the scarf snaps back to its original rectangular pose (and translates as well, not to the original position).

Obviously I'm not setting something before starting the simulation, can someone point me to the correct command?



  • BeeMKayBeeMKay Posts: 6,457

    are you using the timeline for simulation, or single frame?

  • winduptoywinduptoy Posts: 13

    I'm not sure how the demo scene was set up, but in my own experiment I think I ran into trouble with the timeline.  I had lousy luck getting a scarf onto a posed figure, so I did a timeline between a neutral pose (to allow me to rough fit the scarf), and the pose that I wanted at the end.

  • winduptoywinduptoy Posts: 13

    Making progress- I am doing a static pose.  The problem I've been having goes away when I switch "Start Bones From Memorized Pose" In "Simulation, Initialization" to Off

  • JonnyRayJonnyRay Posts: 891

    "Start Bones from Memorized Pose" basically is trying to simulate how the cloth would react if your character moved from their default pose into the one that you want to end with. It allows the fabric to move and slide as your character moves; so it's often the preferred approach.

    However, there are exceptions, like when all you need is for a skirt to fall down across the legs and floor, but the rest of it looks fine. So as with most things in DAZ Studio, experimentation to find the right approach based on the needs of your pariticular scene will get you the best results.

  • winduptoywinduptoy Posts: 13

    Thanks, that makes sense.  I'm still not sure what I was doing wrong earlier, I set up the pose I wanted (and even keyframed it), but then it'd just snap out of position when the simulation started.  Obviously I need to fiddle with it more.

    The results (when it works), by the way, are breathtaking.

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