Pokethrough - Gen 2 female character and Gen 2 female costume!

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Hi all

Tonight I bought the Super Hero Suit for Gen 2 female, loaded up V6, put her in a Super Hero Pose for Gen 2 female and double clicked on the Super Hero Suit. I got the same pretty bad pokethrough in both preview and render (many tiny holes all over the suit). I tried playing around with all the mesh resolution settings, but it didn't help. Default subdiv level 1 works the best by far - 0 and 2 break up really badly.

I tried some other Gen 2 clothes, which worked fine, and I was also able to get Gen 1 clothes to fit well.

Being a noob, I wondered if I needed to do things in a different order, so I deleted and loaded up only the base Gen 2 female actor (unposed), dragged the Super Hero Suit over to her, and selected Fit to Gen 2 - exactly the same problem.

Has anyone experienced similar and found a solution? I'm using 4.6 Pro.


Mod - it this is a vendor specific issue that shouldn't be posted here, please delete and let me know how best to resolve - thanks.


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    I don't have the suit so I can't say for sure what your problem is.
    You didn't mention whether or not your tried smoothing on the suit. If you haven't, apply a smoothing modifier to the suit and set collision with V6.

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    There is a thread here http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/25097/ which may help you

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    Thanks, CyberDog - you are a champion because it looks like you've hit the nail on the head: There is no mesh smoothing option I can find for this costume - only mesh resolution. Smoothing under the Surface tab doesn't help either.

    I added a different gen 2 costume and found mesh smoothing and collision detection for it, so I'm guessing this is an anomaly. Unless there are any other workarounds that I'm missing, I guess I'll contact DAZ support to see where to go next.

    Thanks again!


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    Thanks heaps, chohole - that's exactly the same issue, other than it also not rendering properly for me. I'll post more over there if I can't fix the rendering issue myself.

    I did a search, honest, but didn't find that thread. Next time I'll look in the new posts first! Should have done this as I think the special only went up today...

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    I had this issue with the V4 Archer clothing fitting it to Aiko 4 and Barliecorn shapes and noticed the solution in the link provided written by Simon MJ worked perfectly. So I will repeat it here for convenience.

    In the Scene Tab select the item of clothing where actor's flesh is poking through.
    Within the context of the Scene Tab, In the upper right corner is popup menu button. Click it.
    A menu appears. Goto Edit>>Geometry and the menu item Apply Smoothing Modifier.

    This clears the flesh pokethrough making the clothing item solid over the flesh.

    Hope this help someone else!

  • conner2kconner2k Posts: 0
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    Is there already a fix for that problem? Cause it´s the same here. A smoothing did not fix the problem fully....

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 10,633
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    Did you try adjusting/increasing the iterations of Collision. You can leave the smoothing at the default of 2 but increasing the collison might help further.

  • conner2kconner2k Posts: 0
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    Yes I tried several settings but still shines through....

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