Another Noob question... Fillet/chamfer

So I'm trying to make a window, thing is it's NOT square; having rounded corners. (see image.)

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do a radial fillet in Hexagon, is drawing a rouugh guesstimate line my only option?

Figured I would do the "Easy" part first, but this has taken me most of the day, and I'm either missing something completely or just not understanding how Hex does this type of thing.

Any help much appreciated.

In image, trying to make the right-hand side plane, look like the left hand side window template.

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    The tool I would use to achieve this is the Chamfer tool. This does look a lot but it is quick and easy once you've done it a few times :)

    1. Make a square

    2. Select the points and choose the Chamfer tool - Adjust settings (Click lightning bolt)

    3. Copy and Paste the curve, adjust size of new curve

    4. Select the Ruled Suface tool then click on the curves in turn  (Click lightning bolt)

    5. Select edges then use the Bridge tool to fill hole.

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    Thank you, took me a bit to get teh process down, but I now have the correct shape to a simple plane...

    Now is there a way to get depth to this? This is to be a window frame, so needs to have a thickness. I've tried to copy and then bridge. but the thing just stares at me like I'm stupid. (and I am really starting to feel that way.)

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    And suddenly it works the way I thought it should... Got it, thanks :)

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    you can make a cube

    ring selection of the edges that you have four edges selected then chamfer and put more divisions in until it's round enough

    select the front face extract it and delete the remaining

    you have then a perfect rounded window

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