If I do not use DS is there some way to use G1, G2, G3, figures in PP11?

I should add more information for this.....

Is it possible to use the various Genesis figures in Poser 11. 

I mean especially if Daz Studio is not used, is there some way to use these figures, or store these figures, in Poser 11, or in a "runtime" that Poser 11 can access.

I know the Genesis 8 figures cannot be used in PP11 (.... or can they?).

But from what I read the G1, G2, and G3 figures can be used in PP11.


  • Genesis and Genesis 2 Female/Male can be used in Poser via the DSON Importer - though you may have to tell the isntaller that it is is Poser 2014, not Poser 11.

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    So G3 can't be used?

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    So G3 can't be used?

    G3 and G8 use a type of rigging that Poser doesn't support at all, even with the DSON importer.

    There are ways to make them sorta work, but from memory it involves using DS to convert the rigging back to TriAx (rigging style used by G1/G2) first

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    And can these permitted figures be stored within Poser?

    Or can they stored somewhere that does not make use of DS?



  • G3 can work in Poser with the free Utility by willdial https://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/?forum_id=12503

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    Yes, scenes and converted figures can be saved

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    Are you saying you can actually store these G characters in Poser while not having DAZ Studio?

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    Sure, so long at the runtime/DSON/auto_adapted folder is preserved.  I used the DSON importer for years before I installed Studio about two years ago.

    In fact, one can convert the saved figures into native Poser figures, although the use of the Transfer Active Morphs to clothing script is lost in the process (one can transfer the morphs in Poser Pro, but it's not as handy as the script)...

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