Tez old timer popping back not forgetting my roots

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Im guessing most if not all old time Hexagon users have gone now, I see many new user names now.  Anyways not forgetting where I came from being Hexagon was my first ever modelling software id thought I will pop back.

So where did I go, what happend since I moved on?  I carried my modelling skills over to Modo which I never did gel with, Hexagon just let me get on with things much faster.  I kept going back to Hexagon over and over again.  I eventualy moved on to Cinema 4D, this was a expensive move but it bridged the gap between Hexagon ease of use, and Modo clinical multi step process.  To this day Hexagon has many things over Modo, and C4D so seeing that Daz is somewhat resurecting Hexagon is a good thing.

Moving on and up I went back to my roots in learning anatomy, and started to target my goal what I had set back in 2004, to produce realistic characters with hair.  I mannaged to get there eventualy which landed me a job in writing a artical for 3DArtist Magazine 118 for my recent art Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones fan art.

The same modelling skills I use back in the Hexagon days I still use now.  I had a positive time with Hexagon, made many video tutorials which are still up on my youtube.  I had learnt so much during my Hexagon days as a artist,beta tester, and finding, renifing my training skills.  I do hope Hexagon gets it attention again, and hope that it does well enough for me to return and make more training for it in the future.




Dan Aka Tez

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    If you want to change your username back to the old one, instead of that somewhat generic and confusing one  you can do so here   https://www.daz3d.com/customer/account/edit/

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    Thanks, but it wont let me use myold name Tez, says its being used, yet I had this account since 2004?

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    That is unfortunate. The usernames were done a different way when they changed the software for the site. The forums run on a different software to the store and the Gallery. In order to make sure that Gallery names and forum names were the same it was neccessary to use the Gallery username as the primary name. So if you hadn't created a Gallery after the site change it was possible for someone else to use the same name.

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  • Tez, thanks for popping in to see us old timers, some of us are still alive and kicking :)

    I stll point newcomers to your tutorials. Hopefully DAZ will release an update soon, Hexagon is still a good entry level modeller. Personally, I do not think I'll ever move on from it (I'm getting on a bit as you know).

  • Hey Tez,

    Good to hear you still have positive things to say about Hexagon after working professionally with the likes of C4d and modo.  I am an old lightwave user (and modo for a short time) and I am currently learning hexagon.  I have subscribed to your youtube channel and will work through your tutorials.  They look excellent. 

    I like programs like Hexagon.  It has stood the test of time without much change but still has a lot to offer modelers.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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