Conforming Clothes in Hexagon?

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Hello, everyone! As you can tell from my post count, I'm completely new here!

So far, I know the basics of making clothes and objects in Hexagon, but I'm wondering if perhaps there are any features or shortcuts built in that might make my process a little faster.

My situation: I'm working on a pair of boots at the moment, and it's taking me a long time to manipulate each facing, point, crease, etc., to get them to fit perfectly on my model's body (which is a genesis model). So my questions are: 1, Is there a way to select an object (i.e. the boots) and have them auto-conform to the model's body and 2, is there a way to save these boots so that when I import them to DAZ for posing and rendering, the boots will stay conformed to the model as its poses change?

Again, totally new person here, so if I'm asking stupid questions I apologize in advance!


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    not so far as a I know. I used the tutorial to learn how to make clothes in hexagon. The best option seems to be to transfer genesis to hex, make the clothes, and transfer them back into daz, then autofit the clothes.

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    take a look at sculptris, its free and supported by GoZ


    anyway the point to point manipulation is an unavoidable step


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    Next week im going to be posting a thread about how I use Hexagon in the process for making character clothes, foot ware and accessories, but as you brought this up now here is a example of a recent boot I made to show someone else.

    When I build such a item I build from a very low polygon mesh around the feet in question. If I see the feet push through I modify the mesh for the boot at a low level. I keep the boot in full symmetry as long as I can before making it a left or right boot.

    1: Import the figure you wishing to build the boot for.
    2: Build around it starting from a very low poly level.
    3: make heels separate, and enforce the structure with edges, then push the heel into the sole of the boot. Make accessories for the boot in Hex, or in another app like Zbrush (Zbrush is where id add buckles e.c.t, then bake it into the normal map)
    4: Uv unwrap the boot.
    5: Export into sculpting app, add detail, like folds, creases, and bake normal map.

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    Export from modeller > import into DS > transfer/fit to Genesis > export newly shaped boots from DS > import back into modeller > continue work.

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    Vaskania said:
    Export from modeller > import into DS > transfer/fit to Genesis > export newly shaped boots from DS > import back into modeller > continue work.

    EDIT: Scratch that, I answered my own question. :D And thanks for the advice, everyone!

    Though this is off-topic from my original question, if anyone knows of any tutorials regarding line tools and the bend tool, I'd greatly appreciate it! (A birdie told me that using those tools in conjunction makes it easier to mold clothing)

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    You have tried these, I trust :-

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