Using Boolean operation turns all quads to tris

So I want to make my own 4-arm geographs for G8 since there aren't any. (for personal use)

I figure the easiest way is to load up 2 G8 figures, adjust the height on one so the 2nd set of arms fall where I want them. Then load both figures into Hex and remove all polys from the first figure but the ring where the lower set of arms touch. Then remove all polys but the arms from the 2nd figure.

Then weld the closest vertex and viola, a geograph for 4-arms (that I can't share)


Problem is, there's so many intersecting polys that I decided, maybe I'll try a boolean and slice both sections where they intersect eachother.

But every time I try, it turns all the quad polys into tri polys instead of just cutting the polys where the intersect :(


  • kaotkblisskaotkbliss Posts: 2,872

    Well, I think I got it. Doing it the hard way. First I went through and created a new surface for the polys that I figured would change due to welding and marked them in 1 color, then I went and colored the polys 1 step out another color (where the geograph would take place) Then deleted the rest.

    I got the model set and got the geograph to work, but the rigging was messed up so I'm working on trying to get a better rig. I would think it wouldn't be that hard since it's 99.9% the same as the regular arms, just lower on the body and the polys moved where the arms meet the new mesh...

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