Complaint: Only boolean tutorial video is in French and goes too fast. (Solved)

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My title says it all.

I'd like to learn how to use the boolean tool without sitting through hours of other tutorial videos that may or may not cover the boolean tool. But the only video tutorial focussed only on the boolean tool is in French (which I don't understand), and moves so fast that I can't follow along.

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    hi _i'am french i can traduct if you link the video__see you later


  • I can make a boolean video and post it on my YouTube, if I don't have one already.

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    There's very little mystery to the boolean operation...

    1. Take two distinct primitives, say a square and a circle and move them close together so they intersect one with the other
    2. Select one of the primitive shapes and choose from the menu Tools:Surface Modeling:Boolean Operation then click on the other shape
    3. Use the + or - key on the keypad to see what each boolean operation does
    4. You can press the ESC key to abort or ENTER key to accept the result.

    Hope that helps...

    Happy experimenting with boolean operations. You can use it to build a snowman out of different sizes spheres or cut eye sockets out of a face...


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    I posted a boolean video at

    I'll probaly make more videos, since 2.5 is seeing a second wind again.

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    Thanks Salina and ShawnDriscoll.

    My memory may not be accurate on this, but I think I was actually doing it right, according to your instructions. But for some reason it just didn't work.

    That is, I clicked on one shape. Then I clicked on the boolean button. Then I clicked on the other shape. But I got no indication that any boolean cuts were made.

    Anyway, I ended up using Blender to do it. And that worked.

    And that is an awesome tutorial video you made, Shawn. I'm sure I'll view it again next time I try boolean cutting in Hexagon.

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  • Great video Shawn. Just had a thought, could you post a link in the main Hex Tutorial post, just in case this one gets lost.

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