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It's a long time that I have used the 2D image import function in Bryce.  But as far as I remember the golden figure should automatically load.  It's now all empty.  Can I reset this?

EDIT:  Finally got it to load.  But if I try a new image (without saving the previous one as it's only for testing), it loads again empty.  After closing Bryce completely and then reopen it, the menu loads correctly with golden figure.  Is this normal that I have to close Bryce each time I have used this menu?

EDIT2:  Not sure if this could be the reason but not knowing I have tried to load some images that is .png which turns up with stripes all over.  I have to change those into .jpg instead. frown

EDIT3:  No, problem still exists even when using .jpg images.  Have to close Bryce each time prior using another image. sad

Capture - bryce problem loading 2d image.JPG
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    Did you save then reopen the project?


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    Never happened to me. I start Bryce and load the file, never double click on the file.

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    @S Ray, no did not save file within menu box, since only testing it to see what it will look like when rendered. Deleted file in scene (not saving scene that is) and test another in same open scene when this happened. Even closing scene completely and reopen another it happened. But last night testing again new images, it sometimes load menu correctly and other times not.

    Oddly when deleting the image in scene without saving scene (still working in same scene though), reopening the 2D menu box the same image appears again although it was not saved in 2D menu box. Could this be that I am not closing the whole scene completely? As I have said, I do not save image in the 2D menu box but it seems it is stored in memory. This means retesting new images, I have to do it in new scene each time. I have little experience with this option, in fact forgot one can actually import .jps into Bryce.

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