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Because of a series of personal tragedies I haven't had time to create any new completed CG images in years.

I decided to post 2 image tests I did about 2 and a half years ago following some of David Brinnen's advice from a video of his. Remember, these are tests and not completed images.

Hopefully, I will be making new completed imagery this year and beyond but as we all know, or rather many of us know from experince, fate has no mercy.

Bryce still rules!

bryce underwater 7 - 5 DISTORT cleanup.jpg
750 x 750 - 328K
bryce underwater 8 - 5 DISTORT cleanup.jpg
750 x 750 - 328K
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    Great to see you back. Fate hits now and then, sometimes it's easy to cope and sometimes it is a dire struggle. Good to hear that things get better for you.

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    Nice underwater scene, pray you enjoy good health, it's more precious than wealth.

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    I forgot to mention that David Brinnen's video was on using "caustics" in underwater imagery. I remember there was a free "caustic" maker program he recommended and that I downloaded, but I can't find it now. I hope that program is still free, hah, ha


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    This maybe?

    There is a free option.


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    That's probably the one, and no doubt I downloaded the Freebie version if so. Lol


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    FlashGarcia, sorry to hear about your tragedies. Yep, life does that to people, unfortunately. But great to see you back in the forum. And a nice underwater scene it is.

  • FlashGarciaFlashGarcia Posts: 395

    Thanks Hansmar,

    I remember a terrifying event that happened when I was a teenager and body surfed at Hunnington Beach, California. A young man who was body surfing near me, and on the same wave, broke his neck in a tumble and became paralyzed from the neck down. A group of us had to drag him to the shore or he would have drrowned. He was rushed to a hospital. That could have been me.

    I think about that sometimes when I get too depressed and discouraged. Those of us who pass through the "mine field" of life with only a few scratches are fortunate indeed.

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    Wow, now that is indeed something to make you think on the importance of luck in having a nice life!

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    One of my teenage friends, way back during the Vietnam War, got a bad number in the "draft lottery" and had to go and fight. I got a good number and was spared the horrors of "boot camp" and fighting in Nam.

    My friend was scared out of his wits, but at the last moment before he was shipped out the War ended.

    But, my Mom's favorite brother died fighting the Japanese on the one of the islands in the South Pacific and she never really got over the loss of him. He had a girlfriend and probably would have married her, so there is a branch of my family that was well, "nipped in the bud", literally. no pun, or meaness intended there.

    Strange too, that in my teen years only 25, or so, years following the War with the Japanese and the death of my uncle, many of my friends were Japanese kids.

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    A story of reflection.


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