What happens when I get bored

I was looking for an excuse to do something silly and last Halloween I found one and this render was the end result.  It came about after I was looking at a behind the scenes photo of Sigourney Weaver lounging around the set of the ALIEN escape shuttle in her underwear.  The stark harsh lighting of the b&w photo made me think she looked like a pole dancer and this idea for a render began to form in my head.

Since the internet never disappoints I found that someone (Phil Cooke “PhilC” from ShareCG.com) actually created a 3D model of a pair of platform high heel shoes styled after the head of a xenomoph with gold facehuggers that wrap their legs around the wearer’s ankles.  The rest of the render simply grew from there.

I created it for someone who is a huge ALIEN fan and has a youtube channel.  I never posted it anywhere and figured why not just for giggles (...and also because I think enough time has passed that they won't flip out).  I had a cheesy Vegas-style review stage show in mind while working on it.  Kind of like Troy McClure’s The Planet of the Apes musical.

It was rendered in DAZ Studio 4.8.  I modeled the sleeveless tee, tactical wrist watch, the carrying case for Jones, jack-o-lantern, the conduit border and the fonts in Hexagon 5.2.  Other elements such as the hair, the xenomorph, facehugger, pulse rifle and cat were downloaded from free 3D model sites.  “Ripley” was created using DAZ Studio’s “Victoria 4” female figure and the facial morph “Elena for V4 base /EZ and V4.2” was created by “Akinastar” from ShareCG.com.

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    Very cool!

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    Thank you.  ...if only I could have found the dancing chestburster with the hat and cane

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    Heh heh - awesome!

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    Just a test to see if this old WIP gif I made will upload.  I made it to use a smaller version as an avatar back during my deviantART days.  One December people began placing Santa hats in their avatars and I knew the hats wouldn't be visible in a 50x50 pixel avatar so to be wise-A I thought why not put snow in mine.  I decided to keep it year round instead because to me it looked like falling ash. 


    Edit:  Hrmm...  guess not.  Ah well, just a test.

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  • These are great! I hope you'll get bored a lot in the future! Uh... that came out wrong?

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