Texturing help needed for Hiro 4/Michael 4 in Poser


Hi guys. I am a Poser 11 user on a Mac and I have installed Hiro 4 with injection morphs for Michael 4 base, Morph++, and Elite. 

I have added a toon texture from Cartoon Universe for the Hiro 4 character so he has a nice simple toon skin. I haven’t installed the actual toon morph figure, I prefer the Hiro base. 

The toon texture materials don’t have nipple colouring on them, so I took the texture into photoshop and added some colouring to the area for the nipple/areola. I installed the new texture to the “chest” area of the figure.

when I increase the nipple dials so the Hiro figure now has nipples/areola, the nipples extract from the figure but they are not coloured with the texture I applied. Kind of like they poke through from the figure within.

what am I doing wrong? Do nipples have a separate texture file? If so I can’t find the body part. Any ideas? I’m stumped...



  • are you sure you haven't ended up with two figures in the scene?

  • Hi Richard, no... it’s just Hiro with a skin texture applied and Michael 4 morphs injected to shape his body.

  • Please post a screen shot - I really can't think of a way that what you appear to be describing could happen.

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