[NEW Animation]. "Is this London?". Sci Fi Funk ep 5.

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Sci Fi Funk ep 5 (on Youtube)

18 months since I've been able to complete an animation for this project.

This is my first animation in Carrara since the migration from Daz at the start of 2011.

The animation features a LOT of my own custom editing of well know models (mainly from the excellent stonemason), plus 3d models that I've created from scratch.

The set is large, and we find ourselves in a run down London trading estate. Commecial vendors don't make models for run down London based trading estates hence the delay in the project!

The other reason for the delay (apart from learning the vast Carrara), is I've put a lot of time into continuity planning seeing as the old abandoned London will connect with the "new city" in a future episode.

Hope you like it, the animation is deliberately short as this thing was produced some 1 year 3 months over it's intended schedule - so I've had to cut it up into a mini aniamtion.

Any questions please ask. Previous episodes for the curious...

Sci fi funk Pilot sp
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
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  • bighbigh Posts: 8,147
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    it was to short :cheese:

    like the music

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    Thanks man. It's all about the music this time.

    Next episode it's about the narrative.

  • IvyIvy Posts: 5,611
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    wow awesome. I had seen some of these but not all of them thanks for catching me up.
    the music was great also , Keep up the good work I look forward to seeing more :)

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    Many thanks Ivy.

    Working on Episode 6 right now. I keep updates on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/scififunk. Feel free to like :)

    Next one should be quick to produce - it uses the same set.

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