Hexagon conversion to nurbs, Fusion360

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I have been playing with T-splines in Fusion360 to convert Hex models to nurbs. The conversion can create a very smooth surfaces and the fewer polys are actually better than more. As a nurbs model in a cad application, its possible to make cuts or offsets that are very precise. T-Splines prefers quads but can handle a few triangles. Its also easy to get surfaces that will intersect and fail in the conversion where the angles between polys are very acute.

The low poly model shown below is actually what I used in Fusion360. The smoothed subd shape in Hexagon is shown just for reference. Many cad apps have a live sectioning function you can drag freely through the object to check the shape.

Check out Fusion360, its possible to qualify for a free license.




hex low poly.jpg
1179 x 773 - 160K
hex subd.jpg
1219 x 813 - 196K
hex nurbs.jpg
1165 x 799 - 87K
hex nurbs section.jpg
995 x 791 - 125K
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  • I still use Amapi Pro for all my NURBS boolean cutting for Hexagon.

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    Amapi Pro was only one of two modestly priced nurbs parametric modelers at the time ... and it was pretty reliable. The other who's name escapes me, went on to become IronCAD, which was a lot more expensive, more than half a SolidWorks license, and had some serious issues, so I spent the extra $$$ and went with SolidWorks.

    AutoDesk has made it possible to get free full licenses of Fusion360 with commercial use provided one meets certain criteria. I admit I haven't used its nurbs modeling tools though. As a low cost or even free app it has picked up quite a few users and its gaining popularity in entry level CAD modeling.

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    Once ViaCAD Pro's GUI catches up with Amapi Pro's, I will probably switch over to it. It does nice NURBSing. I have MOI, but not a fan of its GUI. AutoDesk is a whole other GUI problem to solve still. Probably why it is free.

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    I like ViaCAD Pro, but the drawing environment isn't that great. Or at least it wasn't when I looked at it a few years ago. The 3D functionality though I don't think can be beat by anything else for the price. And it has Subd nurbs modeling too.


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    I don't even remember ever using ViaCAD Pro's 2D drawing (I forgot that it did 2D). I have too many other CAD apps for doing just 2D drawings in.

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    I purchased MOI3D last year and love it. But it does not import OBJs. Exports YES. But no import.

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    Moi looks pretty good, especially now with all the scripts available. An the quad output from nurbs really can't be beat.

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