how to move parameter dial to new group

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Just wondering if it's possible to move a parameter dial to a new group. The genesis figure have so many parameter dial that it take me forever to find what i'm looking for. I'd love to be able to create a group called favorites and move my most often used shaping parameters into that group.




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    If I were you before tweaking morphs at first time,
    copy and paste all morph directory of genesis in data, to another direcotry.
    if you have made mistake, you can re-gain easy.

    then I Use parameter setting, then change Path to locate parameters.
    (Now I can not use property editor at all,, so I need to tweak it one by one,,,)

    you can access each parameter, by click the right top small gear icon,
    then choose path , it decide which group it appear in your parameter tab. (shaping or pozing too)

    (you can change type too, but basically you may not need tweak them
    without special reason, it decided which tab (shaping and pozing)
    these parameters are shown, or not to be shown)

    And if you hope to use shape tab, and region navigation tool to find morphs,
    you may better not change Path as you said.

    if you gather them as one group, and not set them under Actor region grouping,
    these morphs can not be shown in shaping tab

    genesis have already original region grouping,
    so that each morphs for defomation are assigend each regiton without hide morphs.
    (basically, if the vendor keep the rule but you can assgined to anywhere you want,,,
    eg you can assgine head morph under Actor directly,,,
    but these changing may confuse you to serch morphs,,,

    I simply make sub category under region groups,
    eg Actor/Female/TKladies etc,,
    Actor/Head/MYfavorites etc

    \ if you only use parameter tab, and you need not to use region navigator
    you can group as you want.

    but you may better not tweak hide morphs, and parameters of poze controlls.

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    I tried it out and it works, Thanks.

    I was kind of hoping i could just drag a parameter and drop it in a new group. Though out of desperation, I think i found an other way of accomplishing this, that happens to be much quicker.

    I'm just putting a value of .010 in my most used parameters, then save it as a morph. When it's time to adjust, i just click on currently used in the top and it shows me all my most used parameters.



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    took me a while to figure this out, but finally managed to solve the challenge.

    I wanted to consolidate morph dials from a package - see screenshots: capture.jpg shows the dials I wanted to move to the location in capture2.jpg and the desired result is capture6.jpg, where they're consolidated




    1. parameters tab, right click to "edit mode"

    2. select dial(s) to move, right click and choose "set > property group"

    3. in modal, change the path to where you want this to show up in the end

    4. right click again to "exit edit mode"


    5. Application file menu, choose "save as > support asset > save modified assets"

    I'm not sure what this does exactly, and would love an explanatino (@David Haseltine, care to explain?) but this is what makes it "stick" - so when you load up the application again, it remembers the morph dial hierarchy.



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  • Thanks much for that tip, ttmmttmmttmm!

    My dial groups had gotten to be a complete mess and following your instructions they are FINALLY properly grouped!  Hooray!

    Cheers, mate! =)

  • Very helpful. Thanks!

    Worth noting: It's important to do this with a base figure (like Genesis 8 Male / Female) loaded and selected.

    I tested this with a character model loaded instead of the base. After I saved the modified support assets, it messed things up so that the character's morph dials were set to 100% when loading any figure, even G8 base. To fix this I had to delete and then reinstall the problematic character.

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    You can do the same also by editing the morph files in Notepad++.

    You just have to figure out the structure (not difficult) and on the plus-side, knowing the inner workings of a morph file comes in handy with the troublesome warnings in the log as well.

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