SceneGraf - View/Edit Animation Curves - Plugin for DS3 PC 32 bit / 64 bit ( there's a version for D

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I wrote this plugin for my animation needs, so it's very rough, and not meant to be as practical as commercial applications.

This plugin lets you view and tweak the animation curves for the currently selected node.


that's an old plugin, what's new is that i added the 64bit version



there's also a better version for Daz Studio 4


later today i'll post the little script i always use with SceneGraf

since the plugin for DS3 lacks an auto-range option

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    i posted mcjAutoRange, SceneGraf-DS3's essential companion


    mcjAutoRange will set the limits of a property based on the existing minimum and maximum values in use;

    For example, if you animated the "Blink eyes" morph channel of a figure using only values between 20% and 40%

    the limits for the "Blink eyes" parameter will be set to 20% and 40%

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    A quick reminder to say that sceneGraf is still free and still works with Daz Studio 4.16 ( PC only but someday Mac )

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  • Free is always welcome. Thank you

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