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Hi there,

I'm using Luxus for rendering and I like to use a HDR image for lighting
and a hires JPG as background.
So I attached the HDT to the Lux Infinite light source.
How can I include the hires JPG?
I tried to use the Extra Settings in the Render Room, but then no more rendering is possible, even when I delete them.

Thanks in Advance



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    HI Eddie :)

    As far as I can see, your HDRI would be the background image,. as well as supplying the light.

    You should be able to set the export to PNG and include the Alpha channel,. which should give you an image with a transparent background ,. then you can composite that over another image in a 2D editor

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    Otherwise 'Backdrop' allows the use of 'Background' for one thing, being overridden by the image in the Backdrop as far as background image - if that helps. I do that if I want to use GI with a bigradient in the background - but I don't want the bigradient to show - I can use a color or image in Backdrop, which then overrides what is seen in the distant background of the image.

    EDIT: But I forgot that you were talking about Luxus - to which I'm not sure about, in this case.

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    Thank you both for your replies.

    Maybe there will be a possibility to include an sIBL file
    as mentioned here:

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    3dage's suggestion of using the alpha channel is probably the way to go, but as another option, you can map your background image onto a plane and put this in the background at a distance, scaled to fill the frame as required. Just a possible alternative.

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    Hello Phil,
    your suggestion make me think of this:
    I'll take a sphere, put the image on it and see what it gives me


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