M4Genitals Problems

his Gen's wont stay on his body & the rods there but the 2 bobber under it is gone any one else have this problem?


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    Are you using them on M4 or on Genesis?

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    Which application are you using? Have you conformed/fitted the genitals to Michael? Which application are you using? As for the missing scrotum, is this in preview or in renders too?

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    Well, the first problem, I'd suggest selecting the gens object and make sure that in parameters it's fit to M4. If you've got a sausage and no eggs... check the gens alone in the scene and see if it shows up properly. Also expand it in the scene tab and make sure that none of the parts are made invisible (in DS3, there's a little eye icon to the right of all the bones, I don't know if that's different in 4).

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    Umm Daz St4 pro using them on M4. no the eggs LOL are turned off. But now that you mention it I did Just buy M5 does he have Gen's & do they work the same as M4.

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    Twig and berries for M5 is only available if you bought the Pro Bundle.

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    We here at DAZ call the package TOAST. Think about it.

    Toast will pop up. :red:

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