Distortions in clothing items

I'm getting odd folding/distortion happening in certain clothing items (Hellenic for Genesis 3, Breena for Genesis 3) around the lower waistline/hip of the figure. Has anyone seen or come across this before? Can anyone suggest how to get rid of it? The figure is Genesis 3. It is visible in both render and preview and adds a noticeable and distracting "shelf" or lump around the entire item. Using the current DAZ version. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

838 x 862 - 1M
510 x 486 - 454K


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 47,584

    Is there a morph applied to the figure?

  • DrNewcensteinDrNewcenstein Posts: 684

    Clothing can only follow along to a certain extent before such things appear. If the item was made for a full-figured figure and you're trying to use it on a waif, you'll get that sort of thing.

    Check the section that's shelving like that and see if it also has a similar morph that corrects the issue.

  • ShortcutShortcut Posts: 68

    Yes, this is it. I checked the same clothing items on various figures and the problem replicated on more petite types, but not others. Adjusting hip morphs on the figure I was using fixed it. Adjusting the morphs on the clothing items had no effect.

    Thanks to you both!

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