Keyframe changes/moving

How do you move the keyframes once you add them? I want the T-pose to last a wee bit longer but I already set up the keyframes thus I much prefer to select the keyframes I would like to move and move them. I could add it to the animate lite but I am not everything resets when I do that and I am not dealing with that situation again. Twice I was fooled but a third time no. Also, I accidentally add ed morphs to the last keyframe so anyway to take those morphs and put them at the beginning so they last the entire time I honestly only now knew this was a thing. I guess I could if I must delete the T pose morph and add it where I want but still, the other keyframe needs moving. 


  • RuphussRuphuss Posts: 2,241

    if you are working with aniblocks bake them to the timeline

    then change what you want

  • MalusMalus Posts: 369

    No, I do not mess with aniblocks every since me screwing with them in the past has always resulted in my morphs resetting themselves and one time ruining an entire project not going near those things again. 

  • RuphussRuphuss Posts: 2,241

    so just copy and paste the keyframes

    or get keymate in the shop

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