A G-8 supersuit for Iray using emmisive lights.

Need an updated supersuit that takes advantage of emmisive lights so that the tech warriors have glowing suits and the mech warriors have their combat mask ... given the flexibility and multiple add on packs for the Genesis version.. a new G8 version should seriously rock..  I think the multiple add on packs and the massive flexiblity of the Genesis version brought forward to an updated version would really rock! 


  • Xandyr78Xandyr78 Posts: 27

    I could be mistaken here, as I am NO expert...but could this not be achieved by using iRay's emissive shader on the material zone for portions of the suit that you wanted to glow?  I'd imagine it would take some serious fiddling and tweaking to get the effects that you want, but I'd imagine that you could make this work with the old SuperSuit.  Getting it to fit to G8 might be an exercise in frustration, though. ;)

    So yeah, a specifically G8 supersuit would be grand, but there's potential with what already exists.  I...think.   :)

  • Silent WinterSilent Winter Posts: 1,370

    As Xandyr78 suggested - emmisive lighting can be applied to any surface - even as a map so you can make an emissive glow come from a single line down the side of a suit for example - you don't need the whole surface to glow (black areas on the map will not emit light, any others emit the colour they are).

  • RKane_1RKane_1 Posts: 1,781

    Are there any issues with fitting the Genesis supersuit to G8M? I have never tried.

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