Freazypose (Poser only) - a PoserPython script to add EasyPose controls to a figure.

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A PoserPython script* to add EasyPose controls to a figure.

(I've been in touch with Ajax and he's happy for me to release this as a freebie. He says that he doesn't do 3D any more, that his software hasn't been updated in 10 years, and that it'll be good to have an alternative ! :)

Freazypose prototype 0.06 uploaded to ShareCG - if anybody fancy's giving it a spin. Feedback appreciated, especially problems and suggestions for improvement. (I know that my wave controls throw the thing off the longitudinal access, so there's something wrong there...)

Main thread is over on the SM forums - "Freazypose - a free PoserPython script to add EasyPose controls to a figure."

*Put on your peril-sensitive sunglasses if you want to look at the source - it's written in my usual monolithic held-together-with-chewing-gum-and-string style

Edited to remove multiple tautological uses of the word 'free' -after all this is the 'Freebies' forum, isn't it, so anything posted here is a freebie, right ? ;o)

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    I'm hoping to also do Peasy, Cheesy, CheesyPeasy and SqueezyCheesyPeasy flavours...



    ...just watching the tumbleweed roll on by ...

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    Thanks a lot!

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    You're welcome.

    Prototype 0.10 uploaded to ShareCG -

    Main thread still over on the SM forums, see post 10 -

    What's changed:

    • Minor tidy-up
    • Freazypose dials now all include the prefix 'FP-', so they will NOT interfere with any existing proper EasyPose dials.
    • Tried to make sure that all the delta calculations match the original Ajax EasyPose - I used the B.L. Render book and the original Ajax EP Tube to test. However, my Spiral calculations still seem to bend slightly less than the originals, and my S-Curve is different in the middle. The easy way to compare is to apply FreazyPose to something that already has proper EasyPose, and then set a proper EasyPose dial (e.g. 'BendAll') to 20, and then set the Freazyposeequivalent (e.g. 'FP-Bend-All' to -20) -the two should canceleach other out if I've got it correct!
    • Includes a 'Basic Tentacle' figure, something to test Freazypose on. Ither good things to try it on:


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    Hey, Pete. Does the script simply add the EasyPose controls? In other words, once the controls have been added and saved, will the result work in DAZ Studio. I believe that I have some of the earlier props that used to work in DS. I suppose that I could simply try it and find out for myself blush, but others may wish to know.

    It occurs to me than many newer users may not even know what EasyPose even did/was. Half the fun was loading a prop and playing with the dials just to watch the thing writhe and squirm around like a snake caught in a mousetrap. Thanks for the update!

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    Yes, if you save the figure from Poser after applying Freazypose you'll just have a bunch of extra 'valueParm' lines (i.e. master dials) and 'valueOpDeltaAdd' groups (i.e. the slaved dials) in the CR2. In essence that's all the script does.

    Just tested it now by applying Freazypose to the included basic tentacle in PP2014,saving the modified figure, and importing the new CR2 into DS Seems to workfine in DS - see screenshot

    Should be easy for somebody to do a similar thing for DS if it's not been done already - I more or less gave up writing scripts for DS around DS4.5/4.6 time.

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