Why won't the Sweet Temptations objects load in Poser?

I bought the Sweet Temptations package.  It won't load into Poser.  I don't see what the difference is between it and other props.  The file folder contains .duf  and .png files .  There's one file with a .dsa ending.   It doesn't look different from other prop sets that are loading.


What's the secret??


  • https://www.daz3d.com/sweet-temptation is a Daz Studio only product, it does say so under the Compatible Software heading. You might be able to import it using the DSON Importer for Poser, and the free script from Dimension3D that will let you browse to and select a file without having to have Poser Companion Files http://d3d.sesseler.de/index.php?software=poserpython&product=dson_loader , but at best the materials would need to be completely reworked.

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    I don't have the Sweet Temptations package. But the problem you describe is familiar to me because I've had other props in DS only scenes that would not properly work in Poser.

    Then I did the following: I loaded a scene or props in DS. I UNPARENTED everything! Then I saved that as a .duf file in DS and made the usual Poser companion file. Now in Poser the props that did not load before were there. Everything!

    Only some of the textures were missing. For this case you should look whether the textures path is correct for Poser. Meaning it has to start with Runtime:Textures. Not just Textures as it happens in some .duf files.

    The .dsa file is a DS file only however. It's probably a script that helps to load a scene in DS, for lights and camers etc. Those wouldn't work in Poser.

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