DForce: How do I simulate only a certain part of the t-shirt?


  • maikdeckermaikdecker Posts: 1,075

    I would...

    1. set dForce for T-Shirt and body as usual.
    2. create a small cylinder primitive
    3. set dForce for primitive as "static" and place it inside the body
    4. use timeline to move that cylinder from within the figure's body outside and "swing" it up into the position where the shirt should be in the end
    5. run simulation

    If everything works alright, the cylinder should swing outward and push the shirt into the position you want it to be. Might need a couple tries.

    When all looks like it should, you can just make the cylinder invisible or delete it before you render.

  • Thank you it worked.

    I wish someone would a product for these sort of things

  • maikdeckermaikdecker Posts: 1,075

    Thank you it worked.

    I wish someone would a product for these sort of things

    I rather like trying to find out how something works instead of buying a product, that is specialised to only one or two actions.. and then another for another one or two actions... and another...

    Kinda like in that old proverb "Give a man a fish and he won't be hungry for a day, teach him how to fish and he will never be hungry again (provided he lives near the sea or a lake and there are still edible fish left in that region and that he has enough money to get any papers that might be needed to allow him to wish and so on...)"


    As a general tip from what I've found out so far: quite a few options for moving parts of clothing or undressing effects and suchlike can be achieved by using primitives with dForce. Sometimes you have to think in 3D and turn the figure that wears the clothes around, so that it hangs head-down (to make the clothes move in that direction) or put it at an angle.


    Oh, and I'd be interested in seeing the result of your work. smiley

  • MouserMouser Posts: 273

    The dforce magnet may be what your looking for.


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