Super Firefly: Artifacts and seam lines?

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This is my first attempt letting Super Firefly render completely without hitting cancel. It was looking so good till I saw....what I hadn't seen before. Look at the right shoulder and you can see lines and odd dark areas that shouldn't be there. Attached is the render (cropped due to nudity) as well as render settings and the values for both lights used. I'm using an acer laptop with 4gigs memory so render settings have to be a bit conservative. Can anyone tell me what happened and how I can reduce the strange issues I encountered? 



light in the darkness_v4morphia_a.jpg
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959 x 579 - 196K
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    Looks like a low level polygon problem. If you look real close you can actually see the shape of the sub-D loops and the dark spots are one of the 2 triangles that make up the loops.  Does that figure support sub dividing on the body parameters?

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