Mr. Simian for Genesis

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I started working on an Ape around this time last year. Once Daz released their own, I abandoned the project. As I never finished him, now he's more like some kind of missing link. Not quite man, not quite monkey.

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    Hey, now!

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    He is fantastic!!! Thanks a lot!

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    Thank you, looks great!!!!

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    Awesome. Yoink!

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    Great, thank you. :-)

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    Very cool - thanks!

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    Thank you! I blended some Mr Simian with some Freak3 -- he makes a good tough guy. Now I just need how to learn to export and load just the head morph, because I love his face and want to blend it with other morphs.

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    Thank you...

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    Cool. He'd make a good mutant, or ogre base. He should work in some post-apocalyptic type renders I was thinking of doing. Thanks!

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