Which Torso image maps should I import and which ones should I apply my changes to?


I want to use photoshop to add fine hair to the stomach area and some moles to the entire torso.  I have 5 torso image maps that I can important from my scene in DAZ using the bridge.   






If I apply the hair to the JaniceTorso_1002 (which is the image map that reseblems the acutal skin of the character), do I need to do anything with the other image maps?




  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 29,104

    Torso is the main texture map
    TorsoB is the bump map
    TorsoN is the normal map
    TorsoS is the specularity map
    Torso SSS is the subSurface Scattering

    So depending which you are using if you want the best result you will need to make the same atlerations to all the maps you use. You will at least need to change the bump or normal, depending on which you have used, to give the hair you are adding some definition.

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